Top 9 Reasons

  1. We Have a Boardroom Demeanor, Not a Back Shop Attitude. - We can most definitely speak GEEK with the best of them but won't with you. We'll spare you from that agony. When we do get a bit technical, no acronyms will go unexplained. We boil it down and get to the point in terms that resonate with you. We'll always respect your point of view, opinions, and concerns and seek those out.
  2. We understand what success looks like and what it takes to get YOU there. Our business was founded on rescuing failed ERP implementations.
    Some statistics show that over 87% of ERP implementations fail for several reasons. Even a perfectly implemented system can be deemed a failure due to improper expectations, lack of adoption, and improper change management, to name a few. Foster MSP started in 2005 with rescuing implementations for clients using a proven process that can be applied to any organization. That type of work gave us a strong advantage compared to other firms in understanding what drives the success of an ERP implementation and how to achieve it every time.
  3. We gain expertise in your business.
    We dig deep to understand your business, people, processes, and pains, not just your ERP pains, needs, and wants. We strive to understand what prevents you from reaching your goals as a business in the short-term and long-term. We don't rest our hat on just low-hanging fruit to wow you now. We take the time to find solutions that will work for your company while aiding you in achieving your current and long-term needs and goals.
  4. Our team has decades of experience.
    Our consultants average over 20 years of experience. Our experience is not only as ERP consultants, but most of us have been in the positions of CFO, Controller, CIO, and other management positions in the Finance and Operations of mid-sized companies.
  5. We know what it takes to run and close the ERP system successfully.
    If you have ever been the victim of a "drive-by implementation," you know that going live with a system isn't the point and time where you declare success. Getting the system set up and trained on processing is only a part of what determines success. You have to get it to close in a reasonable amount of time and achieve reconciliation. That requires consultants who know how to use the software they implement and can show you what needs to be done, the best way to do it, and most efficiently to achieve the shortest time to close. You also need consultants who can track down discrepancies, determine the proper treatment and then educate your team to handle it on their own in the future.
  6. Our Technology Expertise Don't Stop at ERP.
    We not only have expertise in ERP but also in almost all aspects of software and technology. This experience is a crucial differentiator when it comes to issues with the systems' performance, especially in integrating disparate systems and ensuring all solutions are resilient and secure. Knowing how these systems work on the back-end infrastructure and in the software code gives us the ability to address and resolve issues that all ERP systems have but most ERP firms can't handle. Our unique expertise is most evident and valuable when implementing and supporting Business Intelligence. We know how to get the data delivered fastest, most efficiently, and accurately. We also understand the minute details of what integrations require to ensure that data is complete, accurate, and auditable between disparate systems.
  7. We're Flexible. WE'LL TAILOR OUR SERVICES TO YOUR NEEDS. - We work with many startups and fast-growing companies, and often we'll "invest" in them. This means we can provide flexible terms on the project and support with the long-term relationship in mind. We've done it with many clients, translating into some of our longest and most rewarding relationships. This "investment" includes Custom Support Plans, Fixed Fee Projects, and Flexible Payment Plans. All of the accommodations that startups and hypergrowth companies need to scale. You invest and trust in us, so it is only fair to return the same.
  8. Secure and Confidential. - Because we gain intimate knowledge of our client's businesses and often are involved in boardroom discussions developing competitive edge solutions, we must have stringent security and confidentially sets of policies, procedures, and controls. We are professionals that take intellectual property very seriously and do everything in our power to protect it in our environment and promote it in yours.
  9. We'll Tell Before You Ask With Complete Transparency. - Communication and Integrity are cornerstones for us. Not only in how we speak to you but how we document our work and your assets. We keep you informed with Monthly or Quarterly Business Reviews, extensive project documentation, detailed invoices, and verbose timekeeping in a biweekly manner in clear and concise language. We not only give the detail of the work we did but the solutions that we came up with so that your internal team may be able to use them to empower themselves. We don't hide or hold back information or resolutions to keep you from leaving us. We are meticulous and do everything to avoid mistakes. No one is perfect, and anyone can make a mistake, but we'll admit to them before you know we created them. We'll make it right and tighten controls further to avoid them in the future.