Portals and Collaboration

Working together for a better business

With information overload and the need for collaboration among your staff, customers and colleagues, searchable, centralized company information is no longer an option.

Portals and Collaboration services from Foster MSP, LLC will give your teams the ability to securely communicate and collaborate within customized networks. Your new or existing SharePoint solution will provide your entire team with access to document libraries, discussion boards, wikis, shared calendars and more.

Portals and Collaboration solutions from Foster MSP, LLC provide customers and staff new ways to interact with your company, including:

  • Intranets and Enterprise Information Portals – search and collaborate on a closed, private network within your company for more efficient operations
  • Extranet Portal Solutions – collaborate securely and selectively with customers and vendors
  • Internet Portal Solutions – keep content fresh with integrations and user-friendly content management
  • Integration with ERP and CRM Solutions – get a dashboard view of users for simplified management of operations and customer relationships

Portals and Collaboration solutions from Foster MSP, LLC and SharePoint make data analysis, business operations and cross-department collaboration simpler than ever - so you can keep up with your business from anywhere, anytime

When you’re able to seamlessly connect staff, partners and customers, you’ll empower your team and improve customer service.

Get everyone on the same page, with Portals and Collaboration solutions
from Foster MSP, LLC.

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