Top 8 Reasons

  1. We Have a Boardroom Demeanor, Not a Back Shop Attitude. - We can most definitely speak GEEK with the best of them, but won't with you. We'll spare you from that agony. No acronyms unexplained. We boil it down and get to the point in terms that resonate with you. We'll always respect your point of view, opinions and concerns and we'll seek those out.
  2. We'll Tell Before You Ask With Complete Transperancy. - Communication and Integrity are cornerstones for us. Not only in the way we speak to you but how document our work and your assets. We keep you informed with Monthly Business Reviews, extensive Project Documentation, Detailed Invoices and detailed Time Keeping provided on a biweekly basis in clear and concise language. We not only provide the detail of the work we did but the solutions that we came up with so that your internal team may be able to use them to empower themselves. We don't hide or hold back information or resolutions to keep you from leaving us. We are meticulous and do everything to avoid mistakes. No one is perfect and anyone can make one, but we'll admit to them before you know we made them. We'll make it right and tighten controls further to avoid them in the future.
  3. We're Flexible. WE'LL TAILOR OUR SERVICES TO YOUR NEEDS. - We work with a lot of startups and fast growing companies and many times we'll "invest" in them. We can provide flexible terms on project and support with the long-term relationship in mind. We've done it with many clients and it has translated into some of our longest term and most rewarding relationships. This includes Custom Support Plans as well as Fixed Fee Projects and flexible payment plans. You invest and trust in us so it is only fair to return the favor.
  4. Secure and Confidential. - Because we gain such an intimate knowledge of our client's businesses and many times are involved in boardroom discussions developing competitive edge solutions, we must have a stringent security and confidentially set of policies, procedures and controls. We are professionals that take intellectual property very seriously and do everything in our power to not only protect it in our environment but promote it in yours.
  5. We Gain Expertise in Your Business at No Cost to You. - We dig deep to get a strong understanding of your business pains, not just your IT pains. We strive to understand what prevents you from reaching your goals as a business in the short-term and long-term. We don’t rest our hat on just low hanging fruit to wow you now. We take the time to find solutions that will work for your company while aiding you in achieving both your current and long term needs and goals. -- Direct quote from client.
  6. Custom Solutions With Proof of Concept. - Even businesses in the same industries have unique needs. No two business are alike. That is why each business needs a custom set of solutions. That said, you will not be a test case. All of our solutions are tested out in a Proof of Concept and backed by our VALUE ADD GUARANTEE. If we implement a solution that doesn't meet your expectations as defined at the start of the project, we'll refund our fees!
  7. No long term contracts. - If you aren’t getting ongoing value from our services each month, we won’t force you to stay with us. FIXED FEE SUPPORT. MONTH-TO-MONTH AGREEMENTS. Pretty simple, huh?
  8. You Have IT We Support IT. - To be a ONE SOURCE IT FIRM, we have to support everything you own and everything you will own. We’ll learn it, master it, and support it even if the resources to gain that knowledge are elusive. We were born from an industry of complex software and systems with grossly lacking documentation and manufacturer resources. We reached expert level knowledge in many applications that lack this type of support for technicians and end users alike. The ERP software industry is one good example.